Bounce back…

I’ve been feeling some type of way and it’s made me not want to do anything, as in literally eating can feel like the biggest chore in the world. When I get like this there’s not many things that can bring me out of it. It’s one of those things people talk about but never really understand unless they’ve been through it themselves.

More people than you think are coping with mental health issues and sadly people are shamed into hiding how they feel. It’s easy enough to tell people to get over it but it’s a lot more complicated than you think.

I am a black woman who has suffered with mental health issues from an early age and the moment I admitted that to myself things started to get better, I started understanding how to manage my issues. The stigma behind black mental health is definitely a tricky one. The mentality that all black people are hard wired to deal with stuff is not completely true. From my own personal experience I’ve been told that I’m simply telling myself I’m depressed and it’s just a wrong mentality I’ve chosen. This makes zero sense as I would never choose to feel the way I have in the past, there’s some dark places I’ve been to and I didn’t choose any of it.

The whole point of this blog post is to simply say don’t feel like you have to hide how you’re feeling. It’s okay not to be okay, it’s even okay to ask for help when you’re not feeling a 100%. So to whoever is reading this or maybe just stumbled upon here by accident in need of a friend. I’m always available to talk, even when you think no one else is.

Take a minute to breathe and relax, tomorrow WILL be a better day.

As always beautiful people

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Beginner make-up tips for WOC!


So when I started out into the big wide world of beauty, I genuinely struggled to find information that could help me up my game. Youtube wasn’t poppin like it is now and the term blogging wasn’t really a term used regularly. I thank the gods above that’s no longer the case. I thought I would throw together a few links so everyone can up their make-up game. Down below I’ve put together  is a mixture of bloggers, youtubers, instagram accounts and some and women of colour friendly brands you should definitely check out! I hope this post helps someone trying to find their way and just slay 2017 the best they can.

Make up brands

I’ve got a few drugstore and high end brands that I trust 100% to cater to my needs, whilst brands are being better at recognising WOC in the industry  there’s always room for improvement. Some of the high end brands trying to widen their range include Lancome, Make Up Forever and Mac to name a few.  Drugstore wise I can never go wrong with NYX, I’m pretty sure they’re available internationally too which makes it even better. LA Girl are another drugstore brand that stock a wide range of shades, their concealers are legendary and can be found for as little as £3.99! Drugstore foundation can always be a tricky one but Maybelline and L’Oreal seem to be the front runners in my eyes. Not only do they have darker shades but they also have varying formulas for dry and oily skin types. If your looking for drugstore priced high quality make -up items from international brands like BH Cosmetics, Colour Pop and Milani I can’t recommend this lovely little website enough, Glow Up Cosmetics stock a wide range of beauty products from hard to source brands!


So my go to guide for all things beauty is of course Youtube. I follow a whole bunch of Youtubers including some smaller up and coming creators. I’ve featured below a few of my favourites  videos, they are WOC themselves and have beginner friendly as well as advanced make up looks in there. There also my go too’s for skin care treatment for things like hyper pigmentation etc.



If ever your in doubt on how a product might look before you purchase always try and find swatches and reviews. Of course there’s always my lovely little blog that I like to post reviwes on but I love the convinence of Instagram sometimes. (If your not following me make sure you do so now!) My favourite Instagram accounts that cater to women of colour would hands down be Make up for melanin girls and Dark Skinned MakeUp Daily. Both post swatches and inspo pics for make up looks all perfectly suitable for you ladies out there.

So I do hope this post helps some of you beginners making their way through the beauty world


Here’s to hoping your brows stay fleeky in 2017!

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Another high street beauty brand?

I’m always interested to see what high street retailers are bringing to the make up game. I’ve reviewed beauty products from H and M and Primark so next on my list was New Look. The first brownie point they get is for having a foundation colour I can actually use! Don’t get me wrong it’s not a perfect match and they could definitely have a few more but I could actually do a full face to review for you guys. Now they get minus a point for not having any matching concealers or coloured powders for me to use. I’ll never understand that, if you gonna do something go big or go home right ?
new-lookun-edited w/ flassh so you can really see how everything works.

The No Shine Mattyfing Foundation (Caramel) actually does what it said on the tin, I paired it with their mattifying primer and I was a lot more impressed than I thought I was going to be. The foundation set into a matte finish but the coverage was definitely not enough for me as you could still see my dark spots through the foundation. I used a NYX concealer to help finish the base off and then set it using their translucent high definition finishing powder , there wasn’t really any flash back but I was still a little paler under my eyes.  For brows they had a few option, the pencils I swatched were too grey for me so I opted for the brow fiber gel which whilst it wasn’t anything out of the usual I did like the shorter spoolie for easy brow application.

Along with all the usual face products they also had a decent range of eyeshadows/mascara/liners to choose from. I opted for their 12 shade palettes with the volumising mascara and graphic eyeliner pen. I wasn’t a big fan of the palette, the colours were a bit to cool for me. There was major fallout and they weren’t that blendable either but the metallics colours were really pretty.

new look make up

Now so far I’ve been super picky but there is something I need to rave about and it’s their liquid lipstick. New look y’all did the most, this formula is amazing! It’s super long wearing and highly pigmented. I even went back for another shade and I’m tempted to go get the whole range. I found a setting spray of sorts which smelt lovely but didn’t sink into my skin or get rid of the powderery finish.

Overall there was hit and miss with the products. Room for improvement but I would totally go back and repurchase the lipsticks. It’s always interesting to see how high street retailers make-up compares! What are your thoughts on high street make-up? Let me know in the comments below.

As Always

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Primark beauty buys

I recently took a trip to my local Primark and was so impressed by the make-up stand that I had to stop and buy a few items. I grabbed more than I probably needed but I did it in mind with a review for you guys!

So the first item I grabbed and instantly fell in love with was their beauty blender cleanser which was a £1.00. Guys it’s so cheap and smells so fresh! Lovely lemony scent to it and it does a good job of thoroughly cleaning my original beauty blenders. They also had mini cleaning wipes which were handy for on the go clean up for my brushes.

I then decided to try their own version of beauty blenders and it was hit and miss. They had a mini versions in a four pack and one that came with the ring stand similar to the original beauty blender stand. The mini versions were latex free and OMG they are amazing! For £3.50 I’m gonna go in and grab some more. The full size blender were not so good, it didn’t expand or do anything really but the stand is useful for making sure I keep the mess to a minimum. Primark also had a case to keep them safe, but I’d probably only use it when I’m travelling.

Primark also have there own oval brushes in three different sizes and for the price I was pleasantly surprised with how well they worked. I got a pretty flawless application from them but as I don’t own the actual artist brushes I’m not to sure how they’d compare but for the price I was super happy.

I’m sure by the time this post goes up they’ll have added more things for me to buy but I honestly am super happy with my purchases. If you recently got anything from Primarks’ beauty range let me know your best buys!


How to: Get cheap Morphe Brushes

When I first started using brushes I bought one of those huge sets from eBay that came with 30+ brushes, I didn’t know how to use any of them! When I finally decided that I needed more brushes as my real technique brushes fell apart due to constant use, I decided to venture out into the big wide world of eBay and Ali Express. They have so many cute and affordable brush sets, they even have real techniques dupes on there too! (But you didn’t hear that from me). I’ve only ever really ordered brushes from eBay or Ali Express as it’s what I could afford at the time and the quality was decent too.

I’d heard so much about the hype of Morphe brushes but never really bought into it until recently. I was found out about Live Glam who offer a subscription service filled with great quality brushes, delivered straight to your door. They have the option to skip a month if you’re saving pennies, trade your brushes if you’re not a fan and earn reward points as long as you’re a member. I’ve just got my second months subscription and I’m in love!

brushes-2First months brushes

The quality of the brushes is so good and there’s such a good variation between eye and face brushes. My brushes collection is getting slightly out of hand though so I might end up trying to swap some through the site. I would definitely recommend this service for anyone getting into make-up as well as seasoned pro’s looking to try some new brushes for less. I’ve received around 13 brushes so far which breaks down to roughly £3 per brush which is so cheap! The shipping is a flat rate fee of $7 but there isn’t any import fees either. I works out to be around £22 including tracked shipping via DHL. I can honestly say I’m definitely a big fan of Morphe’s brushes after my second order of brushes came through.

This months brushes!

For anyone interested in slowly building up their collection feel free to use my referral link to get a free brush with your first order! (I also gain reward points for new referrals too)

Have you guys got any firm favourite brushes I should invest in? Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know!

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Tag: How much does my face cost?

Hey guys !

So I thought I’d do something a bit different this post and do a pretty interesting tag. This is a photo of my New Years Eve make-up look, which was also one of my favourite looks of my December photo challenge. I broke down the cost of each item of make-up I used in this look and I was blown away by how much the total was! It definitely puts my saving for this year into perspective. 2017 is the year I spend less and save more but we shall see how it goes, make-up shopping is a hard addiction to break! If you do the tag make sure to let me know what high end items you have invested in!


Urban Decay Primer Potion £16.00
De’lanci warm eyeshadow palette  £12.95
AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Inglot pigments shade: 22 & 24 £13.00 each
Nars Audacious Mascara £21.00
Colourpop Brow Pencil shade: Black n brown £4.10
Kiko lasting gel liner  £8.90

Colourpop lippie pencil shade: Creature £4.10
Colourpop lipstix shade: Creature £4.10

Lancome teint idole foundation shade: 11 £30.00
Sacha buttercup powder £20.00
Mac studio fix powder shade: NC45 £22.00
Sleek blush by three shade: Pumpkin £10.00
Nars radiant creamy concealer shade: Armande £22.50
NYX Angel Veil Primer  £12.00
Urban decay makeup de-slick setting spray £22.00

Total £235.65

As always

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31 days of selfies

So if you follow me on my new blog Instagram you’d know I’ve just completed my #DecemberPhotoChallenge and boy was it eye opening…

I love make-up I really do but the minute you have a child your prioritise change and looking good isn’t always one of them. In fact you feel proud at the fact you managed to grab a shower and change of clothes let alone put on some make-up! Taking these 31 days to not just take a ridiculous amount of pictures of myself; but just to remember who I am apart from being a mother was hard at times. However it was worth it and I can honestly say I’ve started 2017 feeling like the sassiest woman ever, like I’m honestly ready to just slay everything this year. I was lucky enough to find a mixture of both low and high-end products to use as well as improve my eyeshadow skills. I feel like my blending game is strong now! If you haven’t already feel free to take a look over on my instagram for all 31 days!

My favourite purple look 

The day my liner was everything!

If you’re feeling you need the extra push or motivation I would highly suggest setting yourself an Instagram challenge, it’s fun and an excuse to share pictures everyday!

As always you wonderful lot

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